Why Twitter?

Prior to blogging on Standing Stones, if you had asked what I thought about Twitter, I would have gladly let you know that (for me anyways) it would be a giant waste of time.  I also would have been dead wrong.  I saw no value in micro-blogging to the world about anything, and I still think Ashton Kutcher is a bit of a knob.  As I started to look into getting the word about my blog out there, I found out that Twitter could be a tremendously valuable resource.  Since creating my account, I’ve discovered it is that, and much more.  If you’re not a Twitter user, here’s a few observations…

  • Before joining, think about what you are trying to achieve on Twitter.  Like any software tool, you need to decide how you will apply it (hence the word application).  For instance, I started following some of the companies and products I find most interesting, like Microsoft, Google or Playstation 3.  You can follow your favorite celebs, if that’s your thing.  The beauty of Twitter is you decide who you want to follow, and receive their Tweets.  None of it is forced marketing or advertising.
  • Build your brand.  Personal branding is all the hype right now.  Whether you’re a blogger, an entrepreneur, or a real estate agent (the list is endless, by the way), you can spread the word about your company and your products.  Again, the beauty is that you know you’re getting to people who want to hear about them… Your followers!
  • Start Tweeting. I don’t have a high number of followers, but I noticed that when I tweet regularly, I usually get a few notifications of new people who have somehow got word of my messages, and have started to follow me.  Don’t just watch other people’s tweets.  Participate!
  • Aggregate & Go Mobile.  There’s a lot of aggregation going on right now between Social Networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  Consider using software like TweetDeck (image below) to aggregate your Tweets to update your Facebook Status or LinkedIn Profile.  Also, make sure to get a Twitter client on your smartphone.  I use UberTwitter on my Blackberry Bold.  Works like a charm!

There were none more skeptical about micro-blogging than me.  In fact, hardly any friends or family of mine use Twitter!  Why would I want to join?  Exactly because none of my friends or family are on there.  It gives me a great opportunity to build a new network of relationships (18 Million roughly).  Once you get into it, you’ll realize it’s a pretty powerful tool.  There’s a ton of other uses and tips I could share, but I’ll save some more for another post! 

Take care, and Happy New Year from Standing Stones.


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