There’s Not A Note Of Mine Worth The Noting

Looking back over my past posts, I am proud of what I’ve shared; however, I write about gaming and technology.  By its nature, transient and ever-changing domains.  What was once new information becomes quickly dated and obscure.  It is for that reason, perhaps, that I haven’t written for so long.  Where can one find inspiration on a great idea or topic, bearing in mind that it will be antiquated in a matter of weeks?  That feeling possessed me for a long time.  So what am I doing back on Standing Stones?

You see, just before Christmas, my wife and I attended our first parent-teacher interview for our son, Alex.  From a strictly academic standpoint, I suppose he’s not the most engaged in his class.  Not entirely surprising, since he was born on Hallowe’en, and many of the kids have upwards of 10 months on him.  But he’s a kind and gentle soul, and the most important thing is that I notice he continually makes progress.  Finally, I asked whether she noticed if he tended to gravitate to any subject or if he had a particular strength.  And she said this, “Well, he sure likes to spend his time on the classroom computer.”   Pretty much tuned her out after that… My mind was racing.

I always knew Alex loved technology, like his old man, but I never took the time to find out why.  I thought it was because early in life, he was never allowed to touch it.  But for a long while now, I’ve let him play.  Don’t get me wrong, watching a four-year-old trying to ride Ezio Auditore around Renaissance-era Florence on horseback is frustrating as hell.  But I did my best to teach him, without yanking the controller out of his hands.  I teach him how to use the education apps on the iPad, and show him how to navigate with a mouse.  Maybe one of the reasons he loves technology so much is because we always use it together.

I guess I found my inspiration again.  I guess I realized the best things about technology (and I daresay, just about anything else) is teaching and sharing it with others.  I guess I know why I started blogging in the first place.