That The Devil Drives

First, let me begin by saying it is by no means easy finding a Shakespeare quote about cars.  Second, let me add that I am not a big ‘car-jock’, or anything like that.  I suppose it could be argued that this post doesn’t even belong on this blog at all, but indulge me for a minute.  You see, the last car I bought was back in 2004 – a Nissan Pathfinder Chinook, and I drove the hell out of it.  I still love that truck.  Main problem: three kids and my lovely wife don’t all fit in the truck, so I needed something with the third row, and I couldn’t stomach the thought of a mini-van.

Bill Gates once said “If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving $25 cars that got 1,000 mpg.”… Clever, and not just limited to GM.  Automobile makers have been piss-poor at leveraging technology to make driving easier and more enjoyable.  Up until recently… Enter the 2013 Ford Explorer Limited – my new car.

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I’m not going to prattle off all the features.  Besides being an abysmal read, I’d also suck at it, ’cause I don’t know them all yet.  All I will say, and really the whole point of this post, is that it finally seems as though they’re learning.  For years, cars have really only boasted about what’s under the hood… I think now more people (including myself) are becoming more interested in what’s on the dash.

For those of us who commute in our cars, it’s probably fair to say a good portion of our day is spent in them.  For those of us who love using technology, we’ve been deprived of a decent experience in our vehicles for a really long time.  It’s pretty cool to see what’s out there now.  Touchscreen displays, voice controls, wifi capability, vehicle reports and information, etc… It’s all about making time spent in the car more like, well, time spent just about everywhere else.  It’s about time.

In closing, GM did respnd to Gates’ comment.  Firing back, they stated “Yes, but would you want your car to crash twice a day?”  Oh GM.  Hopefully your engineering teams become as skilled at their craft as your PR people clearly seem to be.


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